YiiSPO Array IR illuminator infrared lamp 6pcs Array Led IR Outdoor IP65 Waterproof Night Vision for CCTV Camera 90-60-45degree

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Фирменное наименование: yiispo
Номер модели: IR-6

Please read the following information before buying:

1. The default delivery 90 degrees no power adapter, if you need other perspectives, please leave a message, thank you very much.

2. Because this product is a snap-type lamp cup fixed, so after long-distance transport, the lamp cup loose is no way to avoid, as long as the product front cover open, it is easy to re-fasten the fixed and normal use.

3. This product is waterproof, suitable for outdoor use, not suitable for underwater use.

Use with night vision surveillance camera

LED life time over 10,000 hrs

IR LED wavelength: 850nm

Better effect can be achieved with illumination intensity less than 0.001 Lux

Illuminating range: viewing range 20-50 m (outdoor)

Auto Power-On Sensor, only turn-on when the surrounding is dark

Structure: All-weather aluminum and reinforced glass
Product specifications: 6 high power 42mil chips LED 
Emitting light: infrared 
Mounting bracket: u-shaped bracket 
Is waterproof: yes
Is dust prevention: (internal)yes 
Protection grade: IP65
Adapter power supply: DC 12 V 2A adaptor (not included)
Power factor: > 0.95 W 
The power cord length: 50 cm 
Shell structure: the structure of metallic glass 
Shield moulded aluminium shell panel: glass panel 
 weight: 0.38 KG
Product size: a:113mm c:84mm d:84mm

Light Angle: 90degree

(Notice: wider angle is less distance) 
Visual range: 20-50 meters 
To adapt to the temperature: - 20 ° C to + 50 ° C

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