Upgrade Confused password function Touch Keypad Password Metal Digital Electronic Cabinet locker lock

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Product Description : 

  • Brand Name: ZOCORFID
  • Model Number: ZC-128
Material: zinc alloy
Battery:CR2032 (3v)
1. If you accidentally forget the password, you can send the serial number of the fuselage to the seller, Seller will provide the password for opening the lock.
2. Confused password function.You can enter a string of Numbers before or after the correct password to confuse bystanders.
3. Password error alarm.Enter the wrong password four times in a row, and the keyboard locks for 60 seconds, setting off an alarm.
4. Low battery power.Take out the old battery, insert the new battery, and replace the battery without losing the password.
1.Locked and Unlock
*Default password:1234 OK unlock;
*Buzzer Di....(longer)
*Green Unlock led light;
*rotate body unlock in 3 seconds
*If password error, Buzzer "DI DI DI" ;
*Rotate return locked.
*If low power, LED light.

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