Garden Spiral Drill Bit Flower Planter Earth Auger For Electric Drill Modified Ground Drill Gardening Planting Hole Digger Tools

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Brand Name:NoEnName_Null
DIY Supplies:Electrical
Type:Twist Drill Bit
length:22cm / 25cm / 45cm
Model Number:Earth Auger Spiral Drill Bit
Material:High Carbon Steel
Size 1:4 x 22cm
Size 2:4 x 45cm
Size 3:8 x 25cm
Size 4:8 x 45cm
Features 1:Garden Auger Spiral Drill Bit
Features 2:Earth Auger
Features 3:Drill Auger
Features 4:Auger Drill Bit
Features 5:Hole Digger Tools

Product Size
> 4 * 22 cm
> 4 * 45 cm
> 8 * 25 cm
> 8 * 45 cm
earth auger drill bit 1
Suitable for all types of garden planting.
1. Planting flowers
2. Cultivate soil and potted plants
3. Planting mixed seeds
4. Earth free soil, planting bare trees and shrubs
earth auger drill bit 2
Single leaf drill
Drilling speed is faster than double leaves, and the drill is integrated and durable.
earth auger drill bit 3
High hardness drill
Solid welding, strong and durable
earth auger drill bit 4
Universal hex shank
Suitable for electric drill, clamp and mount
earth auger drill bit 5
Product application
Let more customers clearly understand their needs.
earth auger drill bit 6

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