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1. Material: Durable ABS plastic

2. Lining size: 29x12 cm; 11.42 '' x 4.72 ''

Easy to attach to a computer table up to 4.8 cm (1.9 in) thick

3. Color: black, red, yellow

4. Features: support dropshipping



The weight of the forearm is distributed over a large area. This reduces localized pressure on the wrist and eliminates the constant tension on the muscles of the neck, arms and shoulders, which is so many computer users.

Due to its simplicity, the rug hides several useful tricks. It can be adjusted to the desired position, and the forearm is placed on top, fixes itself in place.

Provides stability when using the mouse. When not in use, it can be turned completely sideways, making it easy to access the chair. An interesting feature of the lining is that the mat can be easily lifted and completely removed.

The mat is our most affordable armrest. This is a great addition for using the keyboard. You can install two devices (one on each side of the keyboard) to provide full forearm support.

The armrest is extremely portable and easy to install. It can be disassembled in seconds and easily transferred to a briefcase or bag for a computer. The gasket has been thoroughly tested for strength, and we are confident that under normal use it will not crack or break.


Package inlcude:

1 x Armest Pad



Brand Name:GUDGA
Model Number:Armrest Pad
Style:with Wrist Rest
Products Status:Stock

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