Car inflatable bed travel mattress car child rear exhaust pad car rear seat car

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Material: Flocking Cloth

Through the company's many years of production and operation of car inflatable beds, a large number of wholesale can be chat alone

1: Head gear design. Increased experience and backrest function.

2: The double-split pier not only solves the problem of non-compliance with the model, but also increases the storage function.

3: Wavy stripe design. Improved comfort and back feel makes people more comfortable

Features [product name]: head gear travel bed [product packaging]: kraft paper box [product model]: BY-600 [product color]: black, rice, gray, blue [product size]: 90*135CM details have detailed size drawings [Material]: PVC+ flocking []: 33/32 single weight 3.2KG [Outer box entry number]: 10/piece [Outer box size]: 30*30*12.5cm

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