80pcs!!! Effective Cockroach Kill Bait Powder Repellent Anti Roaches Killer Pest Powder

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Note: The number on the back of the package is the date that is valid for the next two years. 2% and 0.05% are different components. 2% of the packages are old, but now they have been replaced with new 0.05%. Better kill cockroaches.

 Within 20 square meters, select three places to place the cockroach medicine (one package per place) and replace it every three days. 15 packs required.

24-48 hours: Cockroaches begin to die, and the bodies are visible one after another. Cockroaches are less active.
Seven days later: 60% -70% of the cockroaches died, and most of them die in the nests.
Fifteen days later: more than 90% of the cockroaches died.

Effective cockroach powder, 80 pcs / set, cockroach killer, bait, special insecticide, beetles, pest control

Role: kill cockroaches
Toxicity: micro-venom Product
size: 7.7 * 5.8 * 0.2 cm

Number once under three packs, three points
Efficiency assessment:
Are there cockroaches after two weeks of treatment
Unique effect:
1. Environmental health, low toxicity, environmental pollution, lack of irritating smell, lasting effect;
2. It is not easy to produce resistance.
1. Use can not contaminate food, utensils and drinking water;
2. Use soap after use to wash your hands;
3. If you get into your eyes, please wash your body immediately;
4. If you eat, please seek medical attention

Packing list:
Cockroach medicine * 50 pcs

  • Brand Name : TEAEGG
  • Pest type : Ant
  • Pest type : Bed bugs
  • Pest type : Fleas
  • Pest type : Flies
  • Pest type : Mosquitoes
  • Model Number : YH-460932
  • Action Area : 150-200 m²
  • Condition : Car flavor

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