2019 Car Glass Polishing Kit Windscreen Window Scratches Remover Repair Tool CSL88

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Product Description : 


  • Item Type: Window Cleaning
  • Item Weight: 110
  • Item Volume: -
  • Material Type: Other
  • Special Features: Cleaning
  • Brand Name: SIX HOPE

1. A great kit to remove the scratches on the window.
2. Easy to use and easy to clean.
3. Can be used to remove wiper damage, scuffs, traffic film, water deposits.
4. Designed to be used with an electric drill.
5. Suits for using on any types of window or any types of glass.
How to Use:
1. Well shake the bottle before use.              
2. Attach the hook and loop backing pad to a electric drill. Attach wool polishing pad to backing pad.
3. Drip a little solution on the wool wheel and glass scratch.
4. Work the polishing pad in a circular motion on the area of glass scratch. 
5. Applying more polishing solution as needed. Add some water to cool the glass because overheat or dry will crack glass.
6. Repeat until the light scratch is no longer visible.

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